Ensuring the security of your store can feel overwhelming. Here are 3 tips from retail security experts on how to prevent loss in your store.


1. Make Sure Backroom Doors Have Alarms


This is an easy piece of advice, but many times, simple solutions make all the difference between a crime and avoidance of a crime. When staff is busy and preoccupied and crowds are present, shoplifters can easily sneak into a store’s backroom. A well-placed alarm or chime can notify staff of unauthorized entry. Additionally, all staff property, such as purses and wallets, should be in a secure and locked area.


2. Advise Store Managers To Use Anti-Theft Techniques in Floor Plans


Ensure that valuable and small items with a high potential for theft are placed in a case or in an area that is closely monitored and can be easily seen by the checkout staff. Expensive items should not be displayed near exit routes.


3. Employ Floor Walkers To Prevent Loss


Big commotions can be staged to distract staff while a thief steals merchandise. A way to avoid these types of thefts from happening is to assign multiple retail security guards and staff to watch different areas of the store. For general theft prevention, you may want to consider floor walkers (i.e. security guards dressed in civil attire). A floorwalker will give your staff the freedom to focus on serving customers, while the officer remains discreetly on the lookout.