How can you professionally — meaning quickly, respectfully, and effectively — pat-down party guests? Whether you are considering a career as a bouncer or security guard, or work in a niche where security is of the utmost importance, there will certainly be times in which having this knowledge is vital.

The first step would be to inform the party guest that you need to frisk them, and to politely ask for their cooperation. Where necessary, it may be prudent to let them know why you are performing pat-downs. Pointing out that the practice is for everyone’s safety, including theirs, may help secure cooperation.

Ask the guest to raise their arms, and, using your hands, perform a search of the sides (just under the armpit, where gun holsters are often placed), back, and the front of their abdomen. Next up is the waist. By following the entire circumference of the belt, you will be able to identify weapons and other hidden items. Move down to their legs, paying special attention to their pockets — front and back — by grabbing the outside of the fabric, pulling back a little, and feeling the inside. Check the guest’s ankles during the pat-down, while also giving the upper thighs a thorough once-over.

If the party guest has no suspicious possessions on their body, you will next quickly want to thank them — but when they do, you’ll instead explain that the items will be confiscated.