With shutdowns and closures of businesses due to COVID-19, combined with periods of social unrest over the past year, there’s one profession that tends to be forgotten with everything happening at once. While our front line workers – doctors, nurses, paramedics – are deserving of the praise they receive, those who keep us safe from harm also put themselves at risk to do their jobs.

One of the toughest parts of providing security during a pandemic is that officers put themselves at risk in order to protect places of business from those who wish to cause harm – to the property and possibly to the officers too. Officers can take every precaution they possibly can, wearing masks and PPE gear when necessary, but in crowds of people who do not follow those same guidelines, the risk of contacting COVID-19 is prevalent. This can put the officers and their families or loved ones at risk as well, continuing the cycle.

Safety and security is an important aspect to the success of places of business and for peace of mind to consumers and citizens as well, but in the process, officers put their own safety at risk to provide it to others.