With social tension building across the country, riots and protests are breaking out in every city across the United States. If you’re going into the city, you’re facing several threats to your safety.
Is there any way you can safeguard yourself from domestic acts of violence and terror? If you’re out and about, and a riot starts, situational awareness can save your life.

Situational awareness can help you avoid muggings, hijackings, and various hostile threats against your safety. SA is the practice of noting your surroundings and watching people’s behavior.

How Can I Use Situation Awareness?

Step 1 – Look for Movement, Not People

Movement tells you a lot about people’s intentions. If someone moves in the same direction as you, imitating the same behavior, it’s likely that they are targeting you. If someone is displaying this behavior, they probably already have a read on your and your defenses.
The surveillance stage precedes the attack, and by looking for movements that are out of place, you can identify bad actors.

Step 2 – Look for the Odd Person Out

People wait around for friends all the time. However, they typically don’t wait for them around an ATM or dark spots around a building. If you notice someone that’s standing in an odd place, check their behavior.
Criminals will attempt to make their behavior look natural like they’re waiting on someone. However, they’re waiting for you.