Many people do not realize how common shoplifting really is. Chances are that you think that there are not many people who are bold enough to walk into a store, teeming with employees, and brightly lit, and just take something. However, shoplifting is more common than ever and each year costs the retail industry over $30 billion in losses. Here are some tips for spotting a shoplifter in retail stores.

First, look for any shoppers that seem a bit out of place. If your typical customers are women in their 30s, a group of teenagers or a young twenty-something should throw up a red flag. Another common thing to look for is people who are carrying big bags. This could be an oversized purse, a backpack, anything type of bag that would be easy to place items into.

You should also watch out for groups. Shoplifters usually do not work alone. They will typically have someone that will cause a bit of a distraction while the other person is stealing something. Large groups that are wearing baggy clothes are a top warning sign to watch out for.