Commercial & Private Security Services: Security Guards, Night Guards, Private Patrol Operators, Event Security

Our Security Services Will Ensure Safety for You & Your Guests

Special Services Tactical

“family first”

Special Services Tactical in Long Beach, CA specializes in providing security guards for private & event security services: including standing guard, retail, restaurant, and nightclub security. 

SPECIAL SERVICES TACTICAL has an approach to security that is a simple and effective two-fold approach: Do everything you can to prevent a problem before it occurs and have the fastest and most effective response. Over 100 YEARS of combined experience has given Special Services Tactical the foresight to protect, the skills to respond, and the mindset to handle each situation with politically proper courtesy and correctness.

Special Services Tactical has the capabilities designed to exceed your companies expectations and to protect humans, property, and intellectual assets as well as loss.

Our firm specializes in event security, restaurant security, nightclub security, public safety, and retail & commercial security.

Our firm specializes in SECURITY, and SECURITY ALONE. We can work seamlessly with your existing security team or provide security management for all aspects of your companies needs.

Whether you are opening a new facility, increasing existing security staff, supplementing in-house capabilities, or are ready to begin your security program, Special Services Tactical has a motto and mission statement “family first”.

Let the Special Services Tactical family take care of your property and venue, you can go home and rest easy while we protect your needs. 

Our Security Services

Night Club and
Restaurant Security

Our Nightclub and Restaurant Security Officers work with live entertainment events, bars, and music venues, maintaining order, and make sure everyone is safely having a good time.

Guards Security

We specialize in standing- guards security. From perimeter detail security to access control, CCTV monitoring, reception services, fire alarm monitoring, and emergency response.

Event Security

We ready to support you at both small and large scale events. Our team has the know-how to predict and prevent issues before they arise.

Roving Patrol Security

Let us monitor your residential or commercial property to prevent thefts and accidents. With a vigilant patrol, everyone can feel safe.

Retail & Commercial Security

Our officers will secure the premises and closely monitor all activity that takes place to prevent catastrophic financial loss in the form of shoplifting, theft, or accidents such as fires.

Public Safety

Our agents are highly trained and can provide armed or unarmed support should an incident arise. We take safety seriously so you can relax.

Now Hiring For Event Security Positions

Now hiring security personnel of all experience levels, who are willing to tackle every situation without hesitation, so that they can protect our clients, as well as the public.